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Architects don't get paid enough

According to the U.S bureau of labor and statistics, the median annual wage for architects was $80,750 in 2019. The lowest 10% were paid $48,700 and the highest 10 percent earned more than $137,620. That simply isn't enough for the difficulty of job and the years of formal and on the job training architects must go through. Designing a building and coordinating the many consultants on a project requires skills that deserve proper compensation. When things go wrong, the architect is often the first to get blamed.

Most architects work full time, but the reality is that most work significantly beyond 40 hours per week, especially when up against a deadline. Then when work load diminishes, many find themselves unemployed. It's amazing that the profession attracts the number of highly talented people that it does. Likely the prospect of designing monumental projects is the allure. Helping shape our built environment, the cornerstone of modern society, is a noble mission and those making it happen deserve to be compensated well.

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